Motivational Minute: Action-Reflection-Action by Jay Turner

Motivational Minute: Action-Reflection-Action

Leverage Teachable Moments for Continual Growth


Prepare for new challenges and get better each time when you apply the Action-Reflection-Action model. This simple, yet powerful tool helps you or a staff member make the most of teachable moments arise daily. Use this model to overcome obstacles and gain traction toward your goals and aspirations.

This item is the white label version of the Action-Reflection-Action Motivational Minute. By licensing this product, you will receive a downloadable version of Leadership Is without EduJay LLC's branding and can use this video in training presentations, your website, social media channels, intranet, or learning management system without crediting EduJay LLC as the author. 

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What's included?

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Learning at the speed of insight.

Learning and Development Samurai. Corporate Trainer. Coach. Easy buttons are for the weak. 


How Much Does It Cost to Renew the License?

Zilch. You pay the license fee one-time and you're good. Even if the cost to license the product increases in the future, your original, one-time payment of the fee has you covered.

Can I Publish This Video to YouTube or Other Social Sharing Sites?

Please do not use white label content outside of your organization. EduJay LLC is able to offer cost-efficient learning solutions by protecting our intellectual property. 

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What Can I Do With This Video?

As a licensee of this video, you can use this for your internal learning programs. If you download this video, EduJay LLC's branding has been removed. Popular uses include leveraging this short video as a meeting conversation starter, interstitial during a workshop break, or a video asset to plug into your own e-learning.

Wait, I Can Add This Video to E-Learning Courses?

Why, yes, yes you can. This white label video removes EduJay LLC branding so you can leverage it in a variety of fashion. Many clients opt to place the .mp4 file in their e-learning offerings or Power Point slide decks.